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Hello, and welcome to the English language blog of English Today. Our goal in writing this blog is to give ideas and techniques that will make your language learning experience pleasurable. The blog posts will provide an opportunity to practice reading in English and also allow you to write feedback and suggestions for new material.

Right now, at a time where so many are working from home, is a perfect time to learn new things. Learning a language, like any other skill, takes time, dedication, and a certain frame of mind. You can learn to memorize vocabulary and grammar rules by working with a book for a given amount of time every day, but you will still not feel confident speaking, and may have a great deal of difficulty listening to and understanding what is said.

I would suggest that instead of memorizing grammar, you spend time every day trying to verbalize whatever thoughts come to your mind, into English. For example: observe your surroundings, can you name the things you see? Are you able to explain and describe these things to another person? What feelings do these things evoke?

As you work on this exercise you will have many questions about vocabulary, sentence structure, and some grammar. That’s the time to use your book. Everything you learn in context will have more meaning, and be much easier for your brain to remember. Facts learned in isolation don’t often stick.

I hope this exercise works for you. I would love to hear from you about your experience using it!

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